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That’s what we’re passionate about at Magna Powertrain, and we do it by creating world-class powertrain systems. We are a premier supplier for the global automotive industry with full capabilities in design, development and testing of vehicles and powertrain systems. Our name stands for quality, environmental consciousness, and safety.

The powertrain of the future needs to be environmentally friendly while maintaining vehicle dynamics and supporting active safety. Through global collaboration, our engineers know the automotive market and the trends that drive it.

Magna Powertrain`s innovations ensure a sustainable route to energy-efficient, modern mobility. Focusing increasingly on electrification, hybrid technology, and lightweight concepts, we drive advancements for CO2 emission reduction forward. To further minimize the energy footprint, our teams combine sustainable technologies with cutting-edge methods during the engineering and manufacturing process. With innovative vehicle systems and consequent vehicle safety and dynamics, making sure drivers and passengers arrive at home safely and have fun getting there.



For almost 30 years, ARADEX has been a pioneer in high-performance drive technology, a reliable and competent partner for power electronics. While the company’s roots lie in industrial control and drive technology for production machines, ARADEX has become a system provider for electric mobility in the utility vehicle sector. Our portfolio thus covers the entire electronic drive train, from inverters for electromobile applications, to electric motors, control systems, gearboxes, energy storage via various software solutions, and diverse peripheral products.ARADEX is an owner-managed company that has achieved a promising position as a trustworthy system provider through its role as a technological pioneer and through a market-oriented overall strategy. This is also regularly confirmed by the official certification “eligible for refinancing with central banks” from Deutsche Bundesbank, the German central bank.

Website: https://www.aradex.de


REFUdrive offers you the system solution so that not only the right choice is made in the decision between electric drive and partial electrification to increase the efficiency, but also the suitable components are selected. Simply choose the components that suit the operating conditions of your application, even if you only need one.
Whether motor inverters, generator inverters or batteries, the REFUdrive component portfolio offers you a wide variety of elements. Benefit from the flexibly expandable system, which can be easily adapted to future conditions and controlled via intelligent communication and thus integrated into your application.

Website: https://www.refu.com


Doing Our Part to Keep the World Running.

Our solutions help companies all over the planet run smoothly – whether they’re digging through soil or drawing energy from the wind. We create technology, but what makes us great are the people we employ. Each and every day, our employees use their knowledge, skill and imagination to solve our customers’ problems.

We’re proud of our people, and we’re proud of our heritage. As a Scandinavian company, we like to see ourselves as the latest link in a chain of companies built on precision, quality and creativity. In fact, our name stems from Norse mythology, where Ymer was a giant born from ice. Fitting, don’t you think?

Website: https://www.ymer.com


Face to face contact with key decision makers and qualified buyers during our exclusive conference with a great return on yourinvestment.We offer a selection of sponsorship options that will increase the opportunity to develop new relationships during our events.

Our sponsorship team can work with you to create an innovative sponsorship package tailored to the exact needs of you and your company which will suit your budget while maximizing your value.Want to see our sponsorship packages?

If you have any questions regarding sponsoring and exhibiting in this conference, please contact:

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